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9 Apps To Improve Sexting

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Talking to girls on Kik can sure be a lot of fun, but as a guy yourself, eventually you will want to go after your sexual desires. One of the biggest things that men desire and like are nudes from girls. Believe it or not, it’s not so hard to get nudes from girls on Kik. You just have to form some friendships and relationships, talk to these girls here and there, then once you get on the topic of sex, you can be sexting with girls on Kik in no time. Read our blog post on finding horny Kik usernames for these types of girls.

As we all know, you don’t have to send nudes in order to sext with girls. However, this is just a plus; we will be focusing more so on how to sext with girls on Kik - this itself might lead you into getting some dirty Kik talks and pictures down the line. But how do you start sexting with girls on Kik? How do you sext with a girl in general? It’s not too hard and because it’s through Kik, it’s actually easier than talking dirty in real life or even if this girl knew your personal phone number.

Many people like to sext with others to stimulate themselves in a different way than just turning to porn. Sexting is nice because it’s in real time and you are talking to a real person. A lot of guys find it really sexy to talk to a girl about very naughty things, especially if she gets really engaged in the conversation herself. This extremely personal interaction is just getting out natural feelings through technology and since we can now talk to anyone in the world through our smart phones, we have the ability to sext with a ton of girls on Kik as we so desire.

It’s a definite confidence booster to sext with girls on Kik, but still, maybe you don’t know how you should word things or even how to start. Initiating such an intimate conversation can be pretty intimidating and maybe you don’t want to come off as a creep. The good thing is that you will most likely never meet the girls you talk to on Kik in real life. You can use this to your advantage and once that is set in your mind, you will be able to let your guard down much easier. Remember, talking through Kik is much easier than talking in real life…you got this!

Before diving into intimate conversation, you should establish at least a small relationship or friendship with the girl you would like to sext with. Girls on Kik are just like any other girls in real life, you can’t just get a girl to let her guard down right away. You need to spit some game, make some jokes, compliment her and relate to her. This will help her feel more comfortable with you.

Some ways that will help a girl get really comfortable are quite simple. These things include giving her compliments, asking to see a better picture of her face, make jokes, ask about her day, ask about her favorite things, sympathize/empathize with her if she vents to you, etc. You can also be a little bit of an asshole because as we all know, girls are attracted to jerks and if she likes you, she will be more willing to sext with you.

Once you have established some sort of level of her being comfortable with you, going onto more personal and naughtier topics like sex are more acceptable. Like mentioned earlier, you can’t just expect dirty Kik conversations right off the bat unless she initiates it first. But when the time is right, you can start introducing the subject to her. You should be playful at first but also try to get into her mind. Ask her naughty questions and tell her how hot her answers are. Not only will this help her become more confident, she will be more likely to become more engaged with the conversation.

Getting to that point of her being engaged in sexting with you isn’t hard, but rather it is a journey. It takes different lengths of time depending on the girl you are talking to on Kik. Some girls are easier than others, just like real life. Always keep in mind that as long as you show her respect, she will be usually willing to talk about anything with you, even if it does happen to get a little naughty! Happy sexting!


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